Why I love to read 

My earliest memories of reading began long before I could read myself. I’d stay over at my grandparent’s house and my nan would sit on my bed and read me a story. It wasn’t too long until I took my share of the reading responsibility and the rest, as they say, is history.

I generally read women’s fiction. I like that no matter how upsidown my life gets there’s someone out there who can identify. Although I never dreamed of the white wedding, I did think that in my early 30’s I’d own my own house, be married and have an amazing job, where I run around in heels with the wind in my hair.

Well I do have a killer job but nothing else in my life runs to societies schedule. Like the heroines in my stories I am well and truly scuppered, but that’s ok, because I know it always works out in the end. 


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