Books and Buses

I passed my driving test at 24 so I have many years of public transport under my belt. 

Don’t get me wrong I love my car, whizzing round from a-z in no time at all. But I did miss looking out of the window, ear wigging on other people’s conversations, reading books and people watching.

My cars in the garage for it’s mot so I’m back in the bus, I’ve taken off my rose tinted glasses  and remembered that there’s a balance to everything for every positive, there’s often a not so positive.

On my first journey back on public transport, I was welcomed to :

  1. A late bus  
  2. A snotty girl  blatantly que jumped me 
  3. A sweet that kept rolling up and down the aisle

However, I did get to read my book whilst travelling and listen to the radio, people watch and really look out of the window. I hardly noticed how those houses have been thrown up where the old empty and desolate pub used to be or the nice shop display in the window when I’m concentrating on driving.  

Until tomorrow afternoon, I wont know if I’m back on the bus permanently, back driving with a huge hole in my bank account or back driving as through nothing has ever happened but what I do know is that if i’m back on the bus for the foreseeable I’ll definitely be using the time to whizz through my 2017 reading challenge!

wish me luck!


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