A Street Cat Called Bob… a tick on my 2017 reading challenge, suspended coffees and knitting challenge is born

As part of my 2017 reading challenge I wanted to read a book that had been made in to a film – I chose A Street Cat Called Bob by James Bowden and put it on my Christmas secret Santa wish list.

My wish was granted and into the story of a man and his ginger tom cat I dived.

I loved this story. It’s so easy to read and flows so well. As I’m sure you can imagine it’s a bit of a rollercoaster read with its ups and downs and sudden stops.

Knowing that the story is based on real life experience evokes more emotion than I’m used to, it’s harder to put up a barrier when you know that someone has lived through this experience and there are people out there who continue to live this life.

I regularly pass buskers in Chester especially when walking under fountains roundabout or past Debenhams. I don’t often stop but I do usually slow down, and pop a pound, that I keep in my coat pocket for the occasion, in their guitar case or cup, especially if it’s a song that I really like.

I never buy the big issue. I’m not really a people person unless I have to perform so I usually just keep myself to myself when walking around town. I do now after reading a personal account of a big issue seller, feel very selfish that I’ve never in my life bought a copy. I suppose the excuse that   I didn’t know that they had to pay for them themselves and lost money and couldn’t afford to buy more if they didn’t sell them, doesn’t really cut it.

I have a very supportive family so if I lost my job and I couldn’t afford my flat, Harry and I would move in with my parents and although it’s not ideal I’d have a warm bed, roof over my head, running water heating, sky TV, my tea made every evening and cups of tea coming out of my ears. I’m very lucky and I think I should start doing more to help other people in my local community who aren’t as fortunate as I am.

I always have aspirations to do more for charity especially animal and homeless charities. Sometimes I accomplish it and sometimes it stays on the to-do list until it eventually falls off. This year I’ve challenged myself to buy a least one suspended coffee every time I pop in to Town (which is usually once every couple of weeks) and knit a scarf a month so that when the winter arrives I can give them to the Share Shop which if you’ve never noticed it is between the Town Hall and the new Storyhouse building. At the moment I’m just working on nice scarves but who knows where I could take it, there could be blankets, mittens and hats on the horizon!

It’s only a small start but I’m going with the theory that a small start is better than no start at all – if you’d like to join me in my suspended Chester coffee challenge you can find more information here

If you’d like to learn to knit, here are a few of the you tubers that have helped me on my knitting journey… click here and here 


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