Dark nights, Dark mornings and White Lies and Wishes by Cathy Bramley

White Lies and Wishes reminded me of the hope of spring. In the depths of winter when it’s dark in the morning, the cars always iced over and it’s dark when I get home I, like many others desperately need a little sunshine in my life.

The three women all come together at a wake, Carrie Radley our endearing comforter, Jo Gold the stereotypical business woman and our new mother and accountant Sarah Hudson. They’ve never met before but this doesn’t stop Sarah Hudson flashing her boobs at them!

All three have amazing lives but are missing a piece of the puzzle that they believe will make them complete. And with this the wish list is born.

Carrie Radley was my favourite character. With all three of the main heroines being so different there’s a little of me in each but Carrie was the one closest to my heart, especially the, the no Carrie no parts as she had many horror story moments when she ran up the stairs when she should have run out of the door.

“Finding new ways to cut her calories and stick to her daily allowance was Carrie’s new obsession. She took great delight in pulling a fast one on the plan. Why have two Revitas and a satsuma when you could tuck in to a bag of low- fat crisps. And who would choose a boiled egg over a two-finger KitKat”

Cathy Bramley, White Lies and Wishes

As easy to read as it is chucked inducing I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I wished for their wishes to come true (though not necessarily the ones that they openly made!).



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