Where Koalas and frogs come together – Blame it on the Onesie by CJ Morrow

Every weekday as I sit in the office tapping away on my keyboard, someone will ask me “what are you doing this evening?” My favourite response to this question is “putting on my koala onesie and curling up on the sofa” usually with a glass of wine or a cup of tea sweetened with honey.

Imagine my glee when I realised I was sitting curled up in my blanket with a cup of tea reading “Blame it on the onesie” ☺️

I loved this book and devoured it within a couple of days. When we meet Ella is having a rubbish time, her mother has very recently passed away and her boss is a gorgon. There’s a very attractive neighbour, a stuck up guitarist and a best friend who has the perfect stereotypical life. A little way in you’ll meet Walt he is the nicest, kindest character I’ve ever met!

When ever Ella is visited in her bedsit by her georgeous neighbour she’s in her favourite Kermit the frog onesie.

“Ella changed out of her clothes, put on the bright green Kermit the Frog onesie her mum had given her for Christmas, their last Christmas together. She was cold so she pulled the hood up, Kermit’s eyes sat atop her head .

What the hell must he think of her? Kermit the Frog outfit, chocolate breast and the biggest, brownest, chocolate clown moustache smeared across her face. ‘Oh God.’

Blame it on the Onesie: A romantic comedy about work, water and wine by CJ Morrow

If you wish to be tucked away in a possibly magical cottage this Christmas, pick up a copy of Blame it on the Onsie ( whilst bing cosy in your own onesie is recommended but not mandatory ☺️)





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