My writing routine: The time where little words which create big worlds

My so old, its retro laptop sits on my marble table whizzing and whirling and wheezing as it boots up. Cloaked in Primarks finest koala onsie with a cup of coffee warming my hands and lop eared bunny, called Harry running around my ankles. I’m ready to begin to scribe. Or so I think, the word is on the tip of my tongue and refuses to travel down my arms and in to my fingertips. The little black line flashes in anticipation…. Just write anything I think, it’ll come… silence and a black flashing line endures. I did once read that staring in to space was all part of the job of being a writer, it’s ok, I’m definitely working. “don’t move, don’t move.. wait it out” I say to myself.” Time for another cup of coffee, maybe an episode of elementary… I can come back to it” I think . “I’ll just tweet that I’m drinking coffee, one more tick and I’ll sit back down” I tell myself.

Two hours later I’ve remembered my word, am two episodes in to elementary and the battery on my laptop is flat.

“I’ll have a shower and get dressed, Harry” I say to the ball of fluff on the floor “that will give me motivation”

Around 8 hours after originally sitting down, I’m off in my fictional universe, typing away as tics, rooms and conversations are created. I’ve no idea of the time or noticed that my coffee has long gone cold. There’s someone on the page having too much fun, it’s time for the drama is about to unfold!

It’s around 9 when I finally give up the ghost and close down my laptop, tomorrow I’m aiming to be up at the crack of dawn, to walk in to town, sit with a coffee and finish my chapter. Before, I’m back in the office on Monday.





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