November rain and Charity book shopping.. come anlong and Meet me Under the Mistletoe by Abby Clements

I picked up Meet me Under the Mistletoe in a charity shop. As soon as I’d flicked through the first couple of pages, I knew that the characters in this story were coming home with me.

Now, I firmly believe Christmas is a state of mine, rather than a time of year.Just like mince pies, Christmas jumpers and snowballs. I like to save my Christmas stories until December. But with the first few pages read, this one didn’t even make it on to the bookcase, in fact it was barely put down at all.

Laurie is a business woman… her job in London is the most important thing in the world  until a costly mistake lands her in big trouble and results in suspension. Around the same time little further up the country in Yorkshire, Laurie’s childhood friend, Rachel’s life is being turned upsidown when her beloved mother in law falls ill.

I love visiting London and I lived in Yorkshire for 7 years so I found that whether we are (in a twist of fate) running around London with Rachel and her family or wandering around  Skipley in Yorkshire with Laurie I was in my element.

“She looked out of the window as she got her bags. There was nobody – nobody- on the platform. She glanced around at the vast, empty fields and hills. Welcome to Skipley, she thought. Was it too late to swap back ?”

Meet me Under the Mistletoe by Abby Clements

Does it all work out, who is that woman, is Patrick the man of our dreams & will the fashion show be a success? You’ll have to pick up a copy to find out!


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