Charity Shop Haul

It’s the Bank Holiday and pay day weekend! How often do two such lovely occasions collide?

For me, Bank Holidays are all about eating out, lots of wine, lots of reading and  being completely shocked that it’s either sunny on a Bank Holiday or chucking with the knowledge that despite the glorious weather report – it’s going to pee down.

Running around town with a blown inside out umbrella in the tipping down rain .is one of my most favourite memories – odd yes, but there it is. (was it a Bank Holiday ? is this even relevant. most likely not.)

Anyway, on with the haul, I say haul but I was very restrained and bought only two books – I consider this a bad thing, but my bank account is very grateful for it. It may be pay weekend but realistically, that just means that it’s the couple of days in between my wages going in and my bills going out.

I bought The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Johnathan Harvey and Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon. Both passed my purchase criteria with flying colours – for more on that, click here it’s randomly listed with my review of The Hourglass Factory by Lucy Ribchester.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start reading The Confusion of Karen Carpenter first. I’m halfway through chapter 6 and so far every single page has made me laugh out loud! Firstly we need to know that our heroine is (obviously) not THE Karen Carpenter.

‘The nearest I get to playing the drums is when I have to hit the one of my radiators a few times to get it working’

The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Johnathan Harvey

Secondly we need to know that her boyfriend sadly left her JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Now I’m not naive (or, at least, I don’t think I am). I do acknowledge that there is probably not a great time in the calendar year to give someone their heart back but CHRISTMAS! Brutal timing.

Any how, I’m off to make coffee, put on clean PJ’s and slouch around with my new favourite book for the rest of the afternoon. Toodles x




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