Autumn, tears and Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

I have seen so many tweets and so many reviews for Christmas reads. (In August?)

I’m a Autumn / Winter person, I love big jumpers, thick socks, blankets, roaring fires, red wine / copious cups of tea and stories that convey the comfy messages of Autumn / Winter. So inspired by Christmas story tweets and reviews, I’m shutting my blinds, pouring myself a glass of red wine and delving in to my favourite Christmas read.

From the title you can guess which book I picked out from my bookcase. I’ve had a Twelve Days of Christmas for a what feels like the longest time and I re-read it every Christmas.

If you are a prologue skipper and like to divert directly to Chapter 1 – Don’t. Not this time.

As heartbreaking as it is beautifully written we follow Holly Brown on her journey through her grief. with many uplifting moments along the way. Meeting the person that you want to spend your life with in today’s over crowded society is difficult enough. Fate can keep from you until the right time and when they walk in to your life the thought of them walking out of it is inconceivable.

Alan doesn’t leave Holly though choice, but he does leave.

‘I’ve no idea what Alan’s last words were, if any, because I was still asleep before he want for his early morning jog round the local park before work.’

Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

Jude Martland is dark and mysterious  and has his own reasons to want to avoid the Christmas period, you know with his brother running away with his Fiancee and all! – no spoiler here, it’s written on the cover.

If Twelve Days of Christmas doesn’t yet have a spot on your bookcase or kindle, don’t delay – click here and throw yourself in to it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.








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