Tying my shoe laces when I’m 90

I once read a quote that said ‘Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time’. This makes complete sense me me. As some one who spends the majority of the money I earn on pots of magical potions that overflow with the promise of keeping my skin youthful, I often forget that it’s not just my skin that will age.

I recently joined the gym. when he asked me why I joined a few thoughts whirled around my head. we have the generic answer ….to keep fit. the honest answer… to pay you a hideously monthly fee for a service that I don’t actually intend on using. Or the truth… I want to be able to bend down and tie my shoe laces when I’m old. ( I went with the shoe laces)

He did look slightly befuddled but, hey, we’re not surprised by that.

Just for the record, I can bend at the waist and touch my toes and I do sit like a child, crossed legged on the sofa, but I do worry that i’m starting to cease up. In my head I’m as supple and flexible as putty, in reality I am starting to turn in to stone – you know like the Sandford sisters did at the end of Hocus Pocus. I don’t want to be an old person who can’t move, I want to be one of those old people who climb mountains and put 20 year old’s to shame. I will never be one of those people, I’m too lazy and I’m not motivated.

I can however, commit to 20 minutes of yoga a day. ( can I ??)

I purchased Amy Luwis wonderful little book Yoga to the Rescue Ageless Beauty a little while ago and it is an adorable book written to motivate those of us who sometimes need a boot to the bum to get motivated.

‘True I love Yoga and am constantly adding healthy bits to my life, but I also have a dark side ( don’t we all?) and I call her ToxicGirl. ToxicGirl is mischievous, disobedient, disorderly and unruly. She stays up super-late eating cake and she washes it down with a bottle of champagne.’

I think we may all have a little bit of ToxicGirl within us… she’s currently about 90% of my personality. Amy goes on to say how she’s learnt to accept ToxicGirl.

‘I’m not always doing yoga; sometimes I’m stuffing my face with cake. I’m not always incorporating every single thing on my list because i;m too busy shopping online and drinking champagne !’

and my favourite bit…

‘And a this very moment as I write this prologue its 10.30am and i’m still in my pajamas and i’m eating chocolate and licorice.’

I’m never going to give up crisps, chocolate, midnight snacking or Netflix binges, I’ll always opt for steak over salad and sticky toffee pudding over the fruit platter BUT if I can bring  a little bit more balance of 50% ToxicGirls and Yoga goddess, I’m sure I’ll be bending down to tie my shoe laces when I’m 90.

Yoga to the Rescue now lives on my coffee table as a little reminder that a little Yoga is better than no Yoga. And just because I’ve just eaten two chocolate muffins doesn’t make a little yoga any less valuable.


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