Lazy Poppy & Turbulent Tabby

Beverly Cleary (apparently) once said / wrote:

‘If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.’

I am a self-confessed very lucky bookworm, I have so many lovely books weighing down my bookshelf and the confidence to know that if I walked in to a book shop now I’d walk out with my arms full of many more.

I have always written my own stories, most are lost, many are pants but there’s always been time’s in my life when mind has flown through my fingers on to real or electric paper.

My current writing in progress is a very short story about a girl called Tabby, will you ever meet Tabby? I hope so, maybe one day. You see what I lack is the age old problem of self-discipline. Once I get going the hours fly by as fast as my word count rises. Now I’m not saying I’m a good writer but I think even the truly terrible or disjointed stories always have a little gem in them, ready to be plucked out and placed in to another story when the time comes. Maybe I’ll never be a published writer, maybe I’ll always only write for myself but who knows.

What I do know is that nothing is going to get written if I don’t get off my very comfy sofa, put down my phone, switch off Netflicks and get going.


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