Pin away….

It’s 11pm and I’ve finally turned the corner and put down my book. Now what?


Nooooo don’t be silly… sleep time is now (and sometimes feels like will forever be) known as pinning time!

Don’t get me wrong, I love sleep. It’s just that sometimes Mr Sandman often wanders past my window without stopping by and takes his little bag of hopes & dreams with him.

I love pinterest in general but what I love most all of all are the book quotes. Similar to my Stephen Fry Kindle quote, I don’t actually know if any of these wonderful people said what we say they said… but… as I snuggle further down in to my feather light duvet, pull up my socks and scroll I find it brings a sense of peace like no other. So whether they’re paraphrased, true or complete fiction I find anything that brings peace in to this wonderful and at times soul crushing world is a blessing

So stolen borrowed from Pinterest here is tonight’s favourite, just in case it’s 11pm in your house and Mr Sandman has missed you out too.


Sweet dreams x


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