Turn the page ? Confession time with Poppy

I’m going to admit something that may shock even the hardest or most guarded hearts in the reading community. (you know who you are, you didn’t cry when you read me before you… excuses excuses)

Here we go …..

I don’t own a book mark. I fold the corners of the pages over!

:O there I said it.

My name is Poppy Ashbrook and I am a page folder overer !

Now some of you will not at all be entertained by this news… that just means that you’re on the same side as me. However some including some of my work who mates nearly tear up at the sight of the corners of my books during lunch time ‘or read don’t talk time’ as we know it as find this a incredibly terrible concept.

Now, I will say  I don’t fold the corners over of other peoples books when they very kindly lend them to me. I’m not clever enough to source a book mark either so every time I pick it up it takes a good couple of minutes to find my place. So although I am a page folder overer I do consider myself a considerate one 🙂

Which team are you on? #teambookmark or #teampageturnoverer ?


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