#BookReview :Back to the past with Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Have you ever seen the Goldberg’s? I’m obsessed with it! Beverly’s Power walking, fuzzy jumpers, the hair… if we talked about that hair, we’d be here all day! I think my fascination with the Goldberg’s stems from lots of different things including all the American programmes that I used to watch whist growing up (saved by the bell and California dreams were my favourite, Hang time never made the cut), the plastic jewellery, my mums leggings under the leotard and those bulky trainers combo for ‘keep fit’ classes. Mostly though it reminds me of just being younger, when I didn’t have to create and delete direct debits, think about pensions, Brexit, council tax or buy toilet roll with my sweet money – yes I still have sweet money only now it’s for wine 🙂

I do often think what it was really like when my Nan grew up, when I see older people on the bus or in town with their weathered skin, laughter lines and sparkly eyes, what was it like when they were younger, what did they do for fun, what was society like ?

I think this is why I really really enjoyed Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Not only do we have a view of the modern day girl in the form of Lara but the twenties girl from Sadie too. We’re introduced to Sadie through her funeral. She’s an inconvenience for Lara, she’s not a person who’s lived a full and exciting life, she’s an old person who sat in a home and lived till 105 and the last time they went to see her was 1982!

Lara thinks she’s going crazy when a young Sadie appears in her life, but we quickly realise she’s a gift to remind us that modern life isn’t better than life in the past. We’re no better than the older people in the world, just because they can’t move as fast, they pause for too long at roundabouts and don’t always know how to work an iphone, twenties girl reminds us of the of the great things we’ve lost through our obnoxious thoughts of being better because technologies developed, yes we have great technology now and it’s going to get greater but really… what did we sacrifice for it.

I love a Twenties Party, I held a twenties inspired dinner for my friends for my 30th Birthday, the hair style the dress, the pearls, on the outside it fabulous, but really, it was just make believe.

‘Everyone’s smiling admiringly and pointing at the costumes, but to me they look rubbish. Even the flapper girls on stage. They’re just imitations with fake feathers and plastic pearls and modern shoes and twenty-first make up. They look nothing like the real thing. Nothing like a proper twenties girl. Nothing like-

And I stop dead, my heart in my throat. I was right.

She’s up by the bandstand, dancing her heart out. She’s in a pale yellow dress and a matching band around her dark hair.’

Twenties Girl, Sophie Kinsella

Slip back in to the past with Lara and Sadie this summer, I know I’ll certainly be putting it on my re-read list.


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