Marian saves the day!

I love to read. It’s very rare that you’ll find me without a book in my hand. When real life needs attention however my books get put back on to the bookcase. Perching there like snow globes, their covers giving only the slightest glimpse in to their worlds.

In the last month, I’ve stated a new job and moved in to a new flat! (phew busy times) My lovely new car Henrietta (Hatti for short) also came zooming in to my life. I love whizzing around town in my new (new to me) motor car BEEP BEEP!

So there I was in the midst of packing, moving, unpacking, personal admined up to the eyeballs with not a reading book in sight – very exciting real life times, but where was the fiction, where was the heroine who was being put through hell by her author? The one who is  be picked up and dropped in to the metaphorical grand canyon, who over throw her bad luck and prospers only to fall down the rabbit hole to two chapters later and consequently  claw back out with shellacked nails on her fingers and Christian Louboutins on her feet? I did try, I picked up a few different books but my brain simply shut down choosing only to make the decision of what to have for tea and that I didn’t want salt on my margarita glass (Margarita yum, salty rim Yuck!).

So imagine the fireworks of happiness when I picked up ‘Making it up as I go along’ by Marian Keyes. I have a long history with Marian Keyes books, I’ve devoured  ALL of her books!

Well, confession time… this isn’t strictly true, I met Marian through the BBC adaptation of Watermelon – it was this that began my addiction with her books. As I’ve seen watermelon on the screen, I’ve never actually read it (I know i’m ashamed). Maybe I’ll put it on my reading *bucket list.

Anyway, I’m rambling, the point I’m trying to make is that this book is marvelous for times in life when you can’t sit and read a novel. Filled with articles and short stories not only is this book written in Marian’s lovely chatty way it gives such a wide open window in to her life both past present and future ( I find her to be a fascinating woman and I’m always so in awe of her candid honesty )

‘I always wished that I could be one of those women who can cook complicated dinners for twenty people at the drop of a hat, while remaining cheerful, fragrant and unshiny’

Making it up as I go along

Marian Keyes

Me too Marian, domestic goddess I am not… a book worm, however, I still am.  If you need me I’ll be slouched on the sofa surrounded by half unpacked boxes with a cup of tea, Making it up as I go along  and Harry the Bunny at my feet.

If you’re not following Marian on Twitter, you must! Click here 

*note to self, create reading bucket list (or just join goodreads)


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