To Kindle or not to Kindle… that is the question?

Once upon a time I read that Stephen Fry said:

‘Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs are by escalators.’

(Apparently) Stephen Fry

To me this took all of the fear out of electronic stories. Yes you read that right, I was frightened of the Kindle. Not snakes, or spiders or awkward silences, I was scared of an electronic devise that housed stories upon stories in an easily transportable skinny box.

Books smell like memories and adventures. Kindles smell of nothing . What would it be like to live in 2080 and visit a book museum and have snotty teenagers question how could we possibly have read from that! (a bit like the teenagers of today when you show them a VHS or  cassette)

And then one day it happened.

I travel to London fairy frequently, maybe every couple of months or so and the train fare can be extortionate. My way around this is to get the coach, or what I like to call 5 hours of undisturbed reading time.

Whilst packing my ‘to keep with me on the coach’ bag I thought… wouldn’t it be really good if I could just condense all of my books (I’d packed  3) in to a smaller space… well done me I’d just re-invented the Kindle.

It wouldn’t take up very much room, no room at all really, I wouldn’t need elbow room to turn the pages and all my books would be in one place. The horror!

So I went for it, I dove straight in. I borrowed my mums Kindle for a practice run to see how I got on with it. In truth, it wasn’t for me, I like to hold a book, I like the smell of books, I like the colourful covers. BUT I did realise the brilliance of it. One day in the future I may invest in my own Kindle. I’ll always read real books when when i’m travelling or away from home I do think a Kindle would be very convenient. I don’t see the Kindle as competition for the printed book because it’s like Stephen Fry (apparently) said ‘Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs are by escalators.’  And if Stephen Fry said it, then it must be true.


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