#Book Review : Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. Not by too serious stuff but stuff that gets into your head and hangs around expanding and expanding until you have to get out a notebook and pen and write it all down, in a list, to find that in reality, life is completely manageable.

Said list is currently somewhere in my flat gathering dust.

Is that because I’ve been a responsible adult and crossed everything off you ask? Well… no, I’m hiding from it in someone else’s world. Enter… Journalist and wannabe traveller Harry.

If you’ve been to see or read A Midsummer Nights Dream, you’ll know how this story goes, however, your eyeballs will still hit the ceiling when certain situations arise.

‘You OK? Said Harry…’only you seen a bit nervous.’ That was Harry all over. Kind and thoughtful.’

Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

I like conflicting personalities in the stories that I read  as much as the next reader but the differences between Harry and Ant I found truly amusing. Harry’s traditional, a gentleman and Ant, well Ant is Ant – if you’ve given this one a read or met an Ant, you’ll know what I mean.

Usually I’m fighting for the women in the books that I read, I want them to succeed: to climb the mountain, to get the job, to win the man of their dreams or simply make it though the day. The women in this story just didn’t do it for me. I found Both Diana and Josie to be akin to a wet bank holiday weekend. I did really like the character of Tatiana, vulnerable but strong – I do wish she was a bigger character in the book. Or that we’d have had more insight in to her backstory.

This month, whether I was ignoring the nervous butterflies of starting a new job, or the headache of finding a new flat, fictional characters gave me something else to think about. Will I log off, grow up and start look for a new flat… not likely, I’ve been to the charity shop and loaded up on more stories. From one world to another I’ll travel 🙂



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