#Book review : Lizzy Harrison Loses Control by Pippa Wright

Sometimes life throws lemons at you and of course you have to make lemonade. Not me I stay in bed till mid-morning or get all dressed up and sit in a coffee shop or a little pub and read.

So when my job became redundant, you wouldn’t find me furiously job searching with sweat running down my face or nervously showing up to interviews not remembering which job this was for. I retreated in to my little reading nooks to escape the horror of the situation. What I love about reading stories like the ones that I do is that the characters whose journey I follow have terrible lemons thrown at them and sometimes they make lemonade and sometimes they shy away and retreat back in to themselves but… everything is always fine in the end. This gives me the confidence to search out for job that I really wanted and confidently attend the interview for which I’ve thoroughly researched.

‘First my brother thinks I’m too sensible to date Randy Jones, and now rugby shirted style vacuum Dan is getting on board with the Lizzy-Harrison-is –a – bore bandwagon’

Lizzy Harrison Loses Control by Pippa Wright

One of the books that gave me the confidence to take the rough with the smooth was Lizzy Loses Control by Pippa Wright. I utterly adored our non-conventional heroine Lizzy. Deemed to be boring by her friends and family I found her to have great resilience when being pelted with the lemons of life. Not to give the ending away but I did have my heart in my throat by one simple line of dialogue from her manager! Those three words devastated me – if you’ve read this book, I’m sure you’ll know which line I mean. If you haven’t read this book, it’s definitely a recommended read from me.

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