#BookReview : The bucket list to mend a broken heart by Anna Bell

It’s 10.00 in the evening; I’m tucked up in bed ready to drift off and BAM… BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! We’ve all done it, the alarms set for work the next day, we need x amount of hours sleep or we’ll be monsters in the morning but we need to know what happens next. At the speed of light the lamp is on and I’m thrown head first back in the Abi’s bucket list.

In which chapter did I put the book down and head off in to the land of nod you ask? Well very sheepishly I’ll admit, I finished at the end of chapter twenty eight, yes I finished the whole book.

In my defense, it’s one of those fantastic stories where you sit and turn page after page and when you finally peak a look out, hours upon hours have passed. It’s such a lovely read I was a little sad when I finished the journey but the ending was perfectly delightful which did give a little bit of comfort.

‘Four weeks exactly since I was dumped and twenty two hours since I hacked off my hair’

The bucket list to mend a broken heart, Anna Bell

Our heroine Abi is incredibly strong minded, she knows what she wants and she’s going to get it! Abi is a lovely character who has many personality traits that I could identify with. Though she can’t always see what’s going on right under her nose (due to her bucket list mission) and you just want to give her a shake, going through her journey with her is addictive.

Definitely a read I’d recommend!

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